My Focus

I work with individuals and couples in my clinical practice, but typically do not work with children under the age of 8 years old. My specialization is in treatment issues related to anxiety and depression; including stress management, effective communication techniques, and group therapy. It is very important to account for physical, social and situational variables to help facilitate a healthy daily life and general wellness. By utilizing techniques adapted from cognitive-behavioral therapies, we can work together on systematic desensitization and relaxation training methods.


I prefer to meet with clients for a period of one year or more to achieve maximum benefits, however, we will decide together on what is an appropriate course of treatment for you. There will be time for periodic reviews of progress made in helping to determine the most effective courses of action that are taken. You are always free to obtain a second opinion. If I feel that a specific issue might be handled with consultation from another source, I will make such a referral.

Fees & Payment

My fee is negotiable, however I primarily work as an out-of-network counseling provider. Please e-mail or call me to discuss in detail. Sessions are typically 45-50 minutes in duration.